Prospatheix: Dawning Promulgation


Prospatheix: Dawning Promulgation (PDP) is an “aspire to inspire” story of how one man that gave the people of the Galaxian, Valorian and the Calcon Verta Galaxy hope again after it was taken from them by the Cassadorian Galaxy who wants intergalactic world domination.

Aimed towards late teenagers and adults, Prospatheix is an anime-inspired comic book with elements of science fiction, action, fantasy, horror and military fiction. The tone shifts between sadness and happiness; readers may get caught up in the tragic scenes and find some content controversial. Nevertheless, the comic book’s uplifting message of hope will keep them turning the pages.

The points of Prospatheix is that how you can use controversy to your advantage, how sheer and extreme desperation can do to some people, and what feels like to actually lose hope and soon regain it back.

Antwain Anderson

About the Author

Tapping into some hidden treasures that the Lord has laid up for all who seek Him. Praise God! He will supply all our needs exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. Planting and harvesting are Blessings from God on so many different levels. Let the children be taught of the Lord! Believe It, Speak It, Receive It, Tell It.

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