Prospatheix: Dawning Promulgation

Full Book Synopsis/Summary:


Prospatheix: Dawning Promulgation (PDP) is an aspire to inspire story. It sends the message of how far extreme desperation will drive some and how to never give up hope no matter how dire the situation is.

Rashad Hideaki creates a metallic, spandex armored suit which allows him to be the hero Prospatheix for King Galax and Queen Galaxia for the planet of Galaxinus. After a dying request from his late Queen Prospatheia, he takes on protecting the Trimazi Nebula. He faces off against the vengeful Cassadorian Empire whose sole purpose is to conquer the Trimazi Nebula and other universes.

This comic will show readers and those who aspire to be writers and artists to not be afraid of controversy. Create a story with an unpredictable twist.



Cassador won’t be just an empire or a planet but a universe as well.

In addition to not having any man or willpower, more than half of our planet’s entire population have turned against us because of Fukuikon’s orations and now they serve him.

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